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What song should get covered by Google Translate?

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  2. iamviktor answered: Chris Brown - Look At Me Now ft. Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes
  3. the-oracularspectacular answered: RABIOSA - SHAKIRA & PITBULL !!
  4. phiktoria answered: Judas by Lady gaga !! :D
  5. foreveraroughdraft answered: Rihanna - What’s My Name!
  6. ov3rreacted answered: mean by taylor swift
  7. himynameistrace answered: Can’t Ba Tamed by Miley Cyrus
  8. thatsmyrainbow answered: jessie j do it like a dude
  9. xoxodm answered: Please my BDay is tomorroe please cover something by the Jonas Brothers
  10. jazmintwiggy answered: Bruno Mars “Lazy Song” please
  11. sparklytrash answered: PARTY IN THE USA!
  12. kspire answered: friday
  13. slxmshvy answered: I AGREE. RUN THE WORLD (GIRLS)
  14. andersonlopes answered: On The Floor !
  15. bestphase answered: You and me - lifehouse
  16. agnosia answered: pokerface by lady gaga!
  17. freakingbreezy answered: Baby one more time or Oops i did it again !!
  18. livelifewithnoregrets0 answered: Look at me now
  19. theofficialddlovato answered: one time by justin bieber
  20. gregorymosby answered: Born This Way
  21. rosestoclaimit answered: chris brown - look at me now
  22. umolharvalemuito answered: like a g6 from far east movement
  23. gasplynfox answered: Friday
  24. lilmisssmileen answered: I feel Like Dancing by All Time Low! :) Ar any All TIme Low song really! :’)
  25. morethanyoureaverageteen answered: Romans revenge by Nicki Minaj
  26. youresittingonmyunicorn answered: black and yellow :D
  27. onedickaction answered: Halo ?
  28. feitopra-acabar answered: Till The World Ends Remix - Britney Spears feat. Nicki Minaj & Ke$ha
  29. cubchoo answered: blah blah blah by ke$ha
  30. abbdullah9 answered: F**k you by cee-lo
  31. pancakejesus answered: Look at me now - Chris Brown
  32. f00lpr00f answered: Paramore
  33. afreakandageek answered: Judas by Lady Gaga
  34. everythingyourip answered: Party In The USA
  35. indiacollins answered: tyler the creator - yonkers
  36. lumos-maximaa answered: Britney Spears - If U Seek Amy!!!!!!!!
  37. larrawr answered: Grenade by Bruno Mars? Or just any Bruno Mars song, haha. (:
  38. 7armband answered: e.t.
  39. hankmauro answered: baby by justin bieber would be kinda funny
  40. bytecry answered: We R Who We R!
  41. inspiredbybey answered: Beyonce - Run The World (Girls)