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What song should get covered by Google Translate?

And Please note “Born This Way”, “Till the World Ends”, “Firework”, “Judas”, “S&M”, “Mean”, “Hold It Against Me”, “Peacock”, “Rolling In the Deep, “Moment 4 Life”, “Blow”, “E.T.”, “Super Bass”, “Teenage Dream”, “Run the World (Girls)” and “We R Who We R” have already been covered.

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  3. lordkamba answered: CALIFORNIA GURLS !!!!! <3
  4. johnnytesttm answered: Can you do a cover of Take It Off from Ke$ha? Id LOVE it if you did. :D
  5. fireandwater answered: Who Ows My Heart - Miley Cyrus. Or any upbeat Miley Cyrus song. :D
  6. radrachieee answered: The lazy song by Bruno Mars
  7. mind-c0ntrol answered: super bass :’D
  8. saassyyy answered: Rolling In The Deep
  9. carlostfu answered: I’m Into You - J.Lo!
  10. jackitabanana answered: Sexyback by justin timberlake
  11. goldielookinchains answered: Rebecca black - Friday.
  12. monpineapple answered: rebecca black . friday
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  14. that-one-hippie answered: Friday by Rebecca Black! Any rendition would be better than the original. lol Seriously, though, you should.
  15. tylerbevan answered: What’s the point in making a facebook poll and not doing the top result?
  16. heavynne answered: Taylor Swift - Fearless
  17. peach-bunny answered: Cupid’s Chokehold- Gym Class Heroes
  18. dkvlnk answered: Single ladies :D
  19. thoughtsallbottledup answered: The Lazy Song :))))))
  20. theprince0farendelle answered: take on me - aha
  21. marvintran76 answered: Written in the Stars by Tinie Tempah
  22. monkeyspuke answered: do it like a dude - jessie j
  23. weirdfuckingkid4lyfe answered: BLACK AND YELLOW
  24. jumalatar answered: E.T by Katy Perry
  25. young-ends answered: cobra starship - “hot mess”
  26. plumslut answered: Friday - Rebecca Black
  27. dolinska answered: Vogue by Madonna
  28. princessawah answered: one in a million by ne-yo
  29. benjamminfranklin answered: Never Say Never by Justin Bieber, Written in the Stars by Tinie Tempah, or Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO
  30. vinom answered: misery business - paramore
  31. kefironkeffiyeh answered: Rude Boy by Rihanna
  32. pancakejesus answered: Look at me now
  33. amicitia-fractis answered: Not Afriad
  34. thebigcc answered: 'What The Hell' by Avril Lavigne
  35. day-stripper answered: Cali Swag District’s “Teach Me How to Dougie”
  36. aesposito answered: i don’t get the question
  37. hellofromholly answered: Technologic by Daft Punk!
  38. twntyonepidiots answered: peacock
  39. leski9 answered: FRIDAY. Or something else by Taylor Swift.